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Puri Jagannadh and Chiranjeevi Talk About Their Respective Failures, 'Liger' and 'Acharya'

Team VC |Thursday, 13 Oct 2022 - 4:06 PM

Chiranjeevi Puri Jagannadh Instagram Live
Chiranjeevi Puri Jagannadh Instagram Live

Post-Godfather’s success, Puri and Chiru discuss ‘Liger’ and 'Acharya’ failures

Vijay Deverakonda and Puri Jagannadh’s big pan-India debut Liger failed miserably at the box office. The makers dealt with irreversible losses and both the lead (Vijay) and the director (Puri) took a sabbatical from public appearances for some time. The same was the case for Chiranjeevi’s Acharya, which tanked at the box office. 

In an Instagram Live celebrating the success of Chiranjeevi’s Godfather, the Megastar and the filmmaker conversed about a lot of things, including failures and how both of them recovered from their respective loss. 

Talking about the film industry and the ups and downs that come with making movies, Chiranjeevi asked, “How do you tackle it when you don't get the anticipated result (success)?" Puri responded, “Sir, success gives a lot of energy and failures take away the entire energy. We’re genius if we succeed and a fool if we fail suddenly. Even our supporters flip out (after a failure) and there's a lot of pressure when the script fails. At such times, strength is all we need to stay strong. It's like a wound and we should acknowledge that it will take time to heal (from the failure). We might incur losses, lose assets, and wars may take place over such failure. But, we can't keep sulking about it. The healing period should not be more than a month.”

Further, Puri addressed Liger’s failure and remarked, “I enjoyed the 3-year period spent making Liger. Be it the production work, set work, or working with Mike Tyson or the hero (Vijay Deverakonda). So, after the Friday release of Liger, I went to the theatres on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, I realised the end result of the film and hit the gym immediately the next day. I was on a spree and performed 100 squats at the gym. Liger failed and sometimes it's not in our control (a movie's performance). If I look back on life, I have had a lot of happier times than sad days. Now, I’m getting ready, sir (for his next project)."

Chiru was quick to address his own failure of ‘Acharya’ and opened up about how he came over it. He responded, “Puri, I’m telling you from my 44 years of experience (in the film industry). You are an ace filmmaker and we all know how good you are with the pen. Your scripts have given the industry many blockbusters, and I know that it's only a matter of time before you bounce back. Just like a spring bounces after being pressurised, you’ll jump to bigger heights soon. You’re just in the middle of your career and there’s a long way to go, meaning that you have a lot of time to showcase your talent. You know what to do and what not to do. Take my recent failure for instance (Acharya). The movie was released in April, and I took a vacation in May with my family to relax. Right after my vacation, I was keen on getting back to work. So, we reworked the (Godfather) script multiple times and made a lot of changes. We reshot the scenes of Nayanthara as well. We had a script but wanted to bring our own element and we did it successfully.”

Puri agreed with the Megastar and said that works on a new script are underway. Chiru jumped the gun to ask about their earlier collaboration ‘Auto Johny’, which didn’t materialise due to unknown reasons. Chiru sneakily asked, “Speaking about your upcoming scripts, I want to know what you’ve done with Auto Johny. Did you tear it and throw it away? Just like I gave you an opportunity in Godfather, please give me an opportunity in it (Auto Johny) (laughs audibly).” Puri smiled and said that he is working on a new script and will contact him once it's done. 

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Updated date:  Thursday, 13 Oct 2022 - 4:06 PM

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