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‘Hanu Man’ Teaser: Woes For ‘Adipurush’ Continue

Team VC |Monday, 21 Nov 2022 - 9:36 PM

HanuMan Teaser Adipurush Gets Trolled
HanuMan Teaser Adipurush Gets Trolled

After the Prabhas-starrer received heat for its teaser, fans now thrash the film by comparing it with ‘Hanu Man’

Today, the pan-Indian film Hanu Man, unveiled a teaser that captivated audiences online. Though the teaser launch dealt with a fair share of hurdles as it was postponed multiple times, netizens unanimously accepted the teaser and deemed it “worth the wait.” Such is the visual effects of ‘Hanu Man’ that made fans forget about the stalling period of the teaser launch. However, one’s victory has caused the downfall of another. The massive response garnered by Hanu Man’s teaser instantly led trolls to attack Om Raut's directorial Adipurush yet again. The Prabhas-starrer’s teaser was unveiled on October 2, and ever since, has been at the receiving end.

In the latest, the movie has been dragged into the picture and brought down to its knees by meme pages once again. Fans have commenced targeting Adipurush’s “poor” visual effects by comparing it with the “aesthetically pleasing” and “realistic” VFX of the Teja Sajja-starrer ‘Hanu Man’. The budget of both films was also discussed online as the Twitterati, in consensus, reckoned how ‘Hanu Man’ with a nominal budget of ₹12 crores, transcended the ₹500-crore ‘Adipurush’, in the VFX department. 

While ‘Adipurush’ sheds light on the events of Ramayana, the superhero film ‘Hanu Man’ focuses particularly on the God of Wind - Hanuman, whose acts are also recorded in the books of Ramayana. 

Earlier in October, ‘Adipurush’ received similar heat from fans for the poor VFX and the inappropriate portrayal of the Ramayana's Hindu deities. Trolls persistently attacked Team ‘Adipurush’, which forced the director to put out an apology letter, rethink, and rework the project. The memes have already affected the project as makers postponed Adipurush’s theatrical release from January 2023 to late June.

With the latest bashings from fans online, it appears that Team ‘Adipurush’ now have a mammoth task ahead; i.e., to come up with visual effects that are closer to reality and the entire film that’s pleasing to the eye. 

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Updated date:  Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022 - 2:07 PM

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