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Happy Children’s Day — The Most Adorable Child Characters In Telugu Films

Team VCinema |Monday, 14 Nov 2022 - 9:16 PM

Happy Children's Day
Happy Children's Day

Revisiting our favourite young characters who embody the essence of innocence and entertain us with their mischievousness  

It’s Children’s Day and what would be more apt than re-visit our favourite child characters in Telugu films, today? Children are said to be the purest versions of us, devoid of ill-intent and filled with genuine energy that can place a smile on your face even on one of your lowest days. Telugu films can boast of many such young characters who have, over the years, not just entertained us with their cuteness but also their cheeky attitude that continues to crack us up. We’ve rounded up some of the iconic child characters from our movies that always have a place in our hearts:


One of the Telugu Film Industry’s finest fantasy dramas, Jagadeeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, is no doubt famous for Raghavendra Rao’s excellent directorial vision and the chemistry between the lead pair, Chiranjeevi and Sridevi. However, the honest and captivating performances by the much younger supporting cast shine through, even today. And Baby S, who is the youngest orphan in tour guide Raju’s (Chiranjeevi) family, is a true legend. She’s a constant source of joy and lightness to the motley crew and keeps everyone on their toes with her mischievousness. Her character shows depth and understanding especially towards the end when she is wounded; the scene towards the climax when the doctor informs Raju that not much can be done to keep her alive and he goes inside to face her, is heart-wrenching. As if blessed with adult comprehension, she straight up asks Raju if she’s dying and then proceeds to tell Sridevi’s Indraja to be there for Raju when she’s gone. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t weep at the end of the scene (I was). Kudos to Baby Shamili for her beautiful performance as Bujji. 


She stole our hearts when she appeared on screen with her Disney princess eyes, bewitching curls, and cute voice. As four-year-old Bunny from Little Soldiers, the mischievous yet adorable sister to Sunny, she makes us laugh with her diva-like behaviour and antics designed to be the bane of her brother’s existence. She truly embodied the spoilt-brat attitude that is quintessential to most younger siblings — hell-bent on poking around their elder sibling’s life and escaping scot-free because they are undeniably cute. On the other, her loyalty and faith in Sunny are what touches our hearts… like every chelli, she looks up to her anna as her hero and champion, always ready to be by his side. It’s hard to find a movie like Little Soldiers that portrays the brother-sister bond with so much reality and tenderness. Kavya Annapareddy, who played Bunny’s role, might now be grown up and married today, but she will forever be etched in our memories as the brave munchkin from Little Soldiers.


Chiranjeevi’s 2001 drama Daddy had Anushka Malhotra playing the dual roles of Akshaya and Aishwarya, daughters of Simran and Chiru. While both the characters might appear almost identical in personality and looks, for many, Akshaya is the favourite. Her spunky character, who is forever at odds with her mother and is always up to mischief with her dad, is a fan favourite. One of the cutest scenes in the movie is when she sits by the pool and moodily throws toys into the water as her mother reprimands her for eating ice cream constantly. Akshaya perks up immediately when Chiranjeevi comes bearing more ice cream and they orchestrate a situation where she slyly eats not one but two ice creams with one right from her mother’s hand even as she is yelling at the father-daughter pair. Their iconic dialogue “Akki-Daddy both are friends” is still very popular with the millennial population as their chemistry is so heartfelt and real.


While Nagarjuna’s 1995 home production Sisindri starring his infant son Akhil Akkineni might be heavily inspired by the Hollywood classic Baby’s Day Out (1994), it has been a beloved movie of the Telugu audience, all thanks to baby Akhil’s spectacular screen presence even at the age of one. Due credit to the rest of the cast for a supportive act especially in a scenario where the hero is a baby who can’t speak, yet! In what is one of the millennial generation’s favourite children’s movies, the Sisindri character puts the adult villains through a whole world of pain as they try their best to kidnap him and use him for their personal gain.


In the 1996 Telugu film Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu, Venkatesh’s comic timing and dialogues might be the hero elements of the film but Babu (Naga Anvesh), who plays his kindergarten-going son steals the show with his witty replies to his cheating father and his scenes with Venkatesh are highly entertaining. The scene where he’s being admonished for his low marks in school exams is hilarious — while Venkatesh is trying to reprimand him, this little fellow not only outwits his father with a cheeky reference to ‘malle poolu’, but also manages to blackmail him. Naga Anvesh, who is now a lead actor with three films under his belt, was quite perfect in his role as the little family terror.


A rare character, Mani Ratnam’s Amrutha is probably the closest to a real child with real emotions. At the beginning of Amrutha (the movie is named after the protagonist), we see a jovial, fun-loving side that thrives on freedom and the love of her parents. As the story progresses, just as she wrestles with her playmates and siblings for fun, she also has to wrestle with intense emotions such as lack of clarity about her identity and having a deep sense of longing for her own blood. Her stubbornness and the willingness to risk everything for her goal even if it means hurting the mother who brought her up is authentic and her character’s journey from Chennai to Sri Lanka in search of her birth mother is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Hats off to a soulful performance by PS Keerthana as Amrutha. 


In Anand, Roopa’s (Kamalinee Mukherjee) little friend Samatha is the embodiment of all things cute. She’s sweet, loyal, sassy, and well, grumpy! Remember, in one of the first scenes itself the little chatterbox is complaining to her grandmother about not getting a puppy. She then grumbles about putting her brother’s dog Snoopy in the zoo, throwing her brother in the drainage, and also hopes Roopa dies so that she doesn’t have to attend early morning singing classes (LOL). Samatha’s broken Telugu and English mix is one of the things that makes her character so adorable and cute. She’s the perfect mix of naughty and innocent. Bakhita Francis, who plays Samatha, might not have pursued a career in acting but her role in Sekhar Kammula’s cult classic has earned her the love of Telugu audiences forever.

If we have missed any of your favourite kiddie characters from Telugu movies, please mention the movie in the comments below!

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Contributors: VCinema Team

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